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Category Archives: Amusements

Plastic Menagerie

Something to look at: Plastic Fantasic flickr set pictures little plastic animals in gorgeously lit tableaus (via Bibi’s Box). I wish I was that good a photographer.

Things That Make You Go Wh-Wh-Wha?!?

flickr functions best when it shows me something I would have never fathomed being made. Like Wacky Packages fabric.

Imagineer This!

Neat idea for a weblog, via Boing Boing: Re-Imagineering analyzes Disney theme park attractions and makes suggestions on how to improve them. Mostly the contributors trash the bottom-line “bean counter” mentality of the Michael Eisner era and have a guarded optimism for the incoming John Lasseter reign. I like their skepticism and the reminders of past things (in Disneyland specifically) that worked and why. A good companion to Al Lutz’s columns at

Where Disney Grilled Cheese

The O.C. Register offers an interactive peek at Walt Disney’s apartment in Disneyland (thanks to Julie!). Located off Main Street’s town square, the apartment is preserved the way Disney had it in the ’60s — right down to the grilled cheese sandwich maker. Neat. Speaking of vintage D-land, I just picked up this item at a postcard show last weekend:


I was jazzed at finding an old Rocket to the Moon item which I’d never seen before, so I snapped it up. Unfortunately, another, nicer copy of the same card was found in the very next booth — at half the price. At least my card had an interesting greeting on the back. Whenever they don’t bog down in “wish you were here” trivialities, these messages convey as much about the times they were written in as the images on the front. In this case, a man begins a sweet note to his wife and kids in Newark, New Jersey: “The plane I was on didn’t go as far as Disneyland, but stopped in Indianapolis, Indiana.” He then describes the wonders of flying from Jersey to Indiana in the snow and closes with “Be good! Love, Daddy”. TWA must have stocked an assortment of these postcards at each of their airport terminals. Not a proper Disneyland souvenir, I suppose, but it’s still a nice addition to my collection.

Squishy People

Something I didn’t know ’til today — Ren & Stimpy creator John Kricfalusi now has his own weblog. Judging from the volume of comments each entry receives, it’s a muy popular one at that.

Rabbit’s Foot

Now this is very bizarre but welcome news. The Disney Co. traded out sportscaster Al Michaels to NBC/Universal for … the rights to Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. What interest would a big, uncaring corporate giant have in an obscure old cartoon character? Hop over to Cartoon Brew for Jerry’s take and Amid’s take. Jim Hill Media has the scoop on how Disney might actually handle their newest acquisition. My only reaction is — I want my Oswald DVDs. Now, please.