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Category Archives: Amusements

Parking Lot Nostalgia?

Group weblog Re-Imagineering neatly examines certain extinct things about Disneyland in a series of posts called Elemental Losses. Air focuses on the Skyway, removed in 1994 supposedly because of potential lawsuits from people “falling” out of the ride. Earth is on the parking lot (Disney’s California Adventure took over the acreage in 2001), or rather how the lack of an immediate “real world” exterior affects guests entering Disneyland. Finally, Fire laments the removal of the burning settler’s cabin and its non-P.C. story involving indians on a rampage. I’m looking forward to whatever they have in store for Water.

Cereal Killers

On eBay for boo coo bucks: Walt Disney Studios’ 1939 Christmas card using characters from the soon to be released Pinocchio. Remember when Disney stood for class and quality entertainment? (sigh) On a similar note, watch the sprightly animated Rice Krispies cereal commercial below. It was produced by a competing studio that same year, 1939, but one can completely see the Disney influence. Those two kiddies are kind of weird looking, however — I can’t put my finger on why that’s so. (p.s. this was uploaded to YouTube by the proprietress of Bibi’s Box. p.p.s. thanks to Christopher for the eBay link.)

U.S. Steel and Disney’s Modular Tomorrow

Sorry, I have another video find to post here. We just upgraded our DSL, so now the YouTube‘s not as choppy as before. They still need to up the quality on the clips, but I digress. Here’s a short promotional film U.S. Steel made in 1971 to brag about its new modular construction method for Walt Disney World’s swanky Contemporary Hotel. Dynamic narration, a happy caucasian family and groovy background music add to the time capsule element. Now I want to know: what happened to all those hospitals, schools and offices promised using this exciting new modular construction?

A B C Delicious

I love cereal. Dan Goodsell of the wonderful A Sampler Of Things shared some vintage boxes of Alpha Bits from 1961-72. Yum. Alpha Bits has always been one of my long time favorites, but Post doesn’t seem to stock them in stores anymore. My local Safeway carries many inferior Post cereal brands (like the super-sweet Pebbles cereals), but never Alpha Bits. Seriously, what is up with that? I want my Alpha Bits, dammit!

Frosting in a Can?

I don’t know why, but I’m attracted to this Betty Crocker frosting commercial featuring a pre-Knots Landing Joan Van Ark. It’s very 1973 housewifey. The person who uploaded this to YouTube, Larynxa, has a bunch of other ’70s commercials and groovy early Sesame Street segments there for all to enjoy.

Let’s Get Blotto

Nice collection of vintage Las Vegas menus from Derrick Bostrom. I liked Bostrom’s story on how he acquired this neat assemblage from the golden age of glitter and booze.

Also at Bostrom’s: check out the download of the eponymous LP by The Klowns, an obscure bubblegum group produced by Jeff Barry. Kind of an unsettling hippie-circus vibe going on with that one.