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Category Archives: Amusements

The Happiest Ephemera on Earth

Yowza, this is cool. When Dan Goodsell arranged to sell a friend’s vintage Disneyland souvenir collection, he photographed the lot and posted them to this incredible flickr set (the photos also reside in the Classic Disneyland Souvenirs group). Among my faves is the tattoo set below. See more of Goodsell’s amazing retro collectibless at his weblog, A Sampler of Things.


Treasure Hunt

Over the weekend I started a new flickr group called Classic Disneyland Souvenirs. It’ll hopefully be a nice showcase for things like the 1957 Tom Sawyer Island map below (I’m still in the process of adding stuff). We already have 15 members and anyone is welcome. Tell your friends!

All This and BBQ

After reading Tiki Central’s forum discussion on the Tahitian Terrace, I sorely wish my family had gone there before it closed. Many fondly remember Disneyland’s extinct restaurant with entertainment from Pacific Islander dancers and fire-eaters, apparently. Rare pieces from the eatery are displayed including a vintage ’60s employee manual (via Robot Action Boy and Eye of the Goof).

Plastic Dreams

I want to go back in time and attend a Tupperware party. Here’s the next best thing — Tupper Diva boasts a neat-o collection of memorabilia such as ads, brochures and perky postcards (“See you at my Tupperware Party!”). Dig through the website for the PBS’s great doc Tupperware! for more. They’re fantastic, made ‘o plastic.


The Jell-O Program

Good entry from Christopher: Things Radio Taught Me. Vintage radio programs of all kinds get a lot of play here at Chez Scrubbles. He prefers Jack Benny and Fibber McGee & Molly; I’m fascinated with Suspense, the long-running weekly anthology which plopped a different current star into a hair-raising tale. Even Judy Garland did one.

Both of us have come to the conclusion that we hate the phrase “Old Time Radio,” a term that reminds me of arthritic old coots fuzzy with nostaglia. I’d rather think of this stuff as the original podcasts.

Another Krazy Kartoon

I love finding goodies from otherwise unnoteworthy old movies. Here’s The Hot Choc-Late Soldiers, an animated segment from MGM’s poky all-star comedy revue Hollywood Party (1934). Notable as one of the few things Walt Disney made for a competing studio, the cartoon was introduced by Mickey Mouse in a novel animated/live action scene (unfortunately that part’s not on YouTube anywhere). This represents the one and only time that Disney characters froliced to a song by MGM tunesmiths Arthur Freed and Nacio Herb Brown. Cute!