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Author Archives: Matt

The Case of the Missing RSS Feed

Another update on the Great Migration – it appears that all of my feeds are now dead. I’m working hard on getting this fixed, despite knowing squat about feeds and how they work. Under the old setup, the atom feed was the only functioning feed in the bunch. Now I want to get all of them up and working. Apparently the fact that WordPress was installed in a subdirectory is causing the problem. If anybody reading this has some ideas, I’d love to know them.

The New

Hi, I’m back … I spent the last week migrating this weblog over to WordPress. To make a long story short, the old Movable Type system was getting bogged down with spam comments. The situation got so bad that I often couldn’t access the control panel until early evening — then I’d be consumed with slogging through a painfully slow system just moving and deleting those damn comments. When the time spent doing the backstage stuff vastly outnumbers the time spent posting new weblog entries (you know, the fun part), it’s time to move on!

So I installed WordPress and, attempting to find a template that resembled the old design as much as possible, selected a semipopular one called Andreas. Although the overall layout was nice, I ended up doing lots of tweaking on the typography until arriving at what you see here. I like this design very much (dig the modified banner art) – even if it still seems a little plain and LiveJournal-ish (no offense to you LiveJournalers).

As for the WordPress, it’s remarkably easy to use and I’m guardedly optimistic that it can handle the spam (anybody know any good anti-spam plugins?). Please feel free to comment on anything at all. I’m just happy to be back and posting again – on my third blogging system!