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C30, C60, C90, Go!


Here’s a fun find. While doing another attempt at de-cluttering, I came across these neat handmade mini-collage mix tape covers – done back when people did mix tape covers. I believe these date from 1989-90, when I was doing a lot of mixed media/collage work for college art classes. Of course, I was big on the ’50s magazine imagery (speaking as perhaps the only person on Earth to have had a picture of Reddy Kilowatt hanging inside his high school locker), so it made sense at the time to use my mad scissors skillz on these tapes. The TDKs included albums by Erasure, Blancmange, The Cure and Depeche Mode, along with the results of an ambitious plan to do 90-minute mix tapes containing favorite tunes from each year of the ’80s. With the latter, I used the more pricey Denon brand tapes. I only got up to 1982, however – this was back when you had to go to a record store and buy an album in order to listen to your favorite song, kiddoes.

These mix covers go well with Dancing In My Room, a 22-track Spotify playlist of 1984-86 British Pop that I remember enjoying back then (Blancmange is, unfortunately, not on Spotify).






2 Thoughts on “C30, C60, C90, Go!

  1. These are hands-down some of the coolest, imaginative and most creative mixtape covers I’ve ever laid my tired ol’ eyes on. My favorite ones are Erasure and the 81 one with the spring.

    Of course, you’re a graphic designer. And you’re one helluva playlist maker – noticed you were stalking I mean following me on Spotify AND sharemyplaylists. (As I am you.)

    As I am way off the social media matrix, please shoot me an email sometime and we can gab about mixtapes, playlists, music, movies, Honeybears BBQ and the fact that we live in the same damn state!

    Your boy HERC

  2. Herc said it best. Your cover art is so cool. I have some old magazines you could do wonders with. One day I’ll send them your way!
    Did you get my annual Christmas mix?
    I hope you are well!

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