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12:04 to 12:07 p.m.

There’s not a lot of art pieces that have people buzzing like Christian Marclay’s The Clock. The 24-hour video installation is made up of seamlessly edited clips from hundreds of films depicting the exact time of day in which that particular clip is shown, an effect which comes across as both clever and profound. It encompasses scenes of characters looking at clocks and watches, and instances where the time is spoken by the actors (I wonder if Judy Garland in The Clock is included?). The filmed excerpt below, a three-minute stretch from just after high noon, might give you a taste of what it’s like — but I imagine one truly has to see a big chunk of it to get the full effect. Currently showing in bigger coastal cities, it’s in huge demand right now (a massive digital file, Marclay only did a few copies and it has to be exhibited under his strict provisions). The chances of this arriving in a podunk spot like Phoenix are practially nil, but big congrats to Marclay and his acheivement.

This New Yorker article details the creation of The Clock and Marclay’s background in thought-provoking audio-visual mashups.

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