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Shazzan and Stupidstitious

The ’60s Hanna Barbera cartoons have a certain hypnotic quality, don’t they? This came to mind while watching a highlight reel from Shazzan (1967). This was a show about a teen boy and girl who find magic rings that, when joined, conjure up a giant genie who takes them back to the days of the Arabian Nights. Since I picked Warner Archive‘s complete series DVD from the DVD Talk pool, I thought I’d get acquainted. Looks real trippy:

Speaking of animation on DVD… The Stupidstitious Cat (1946) is one of twenty vintage ’40s-50s Paramount cartoons included on an intriguing recent set from cartoon distributor Thunderbean called Noveltoons Original Classics. As soon as I stop feeling poor, I’m gonna get this!

2 Thoughts on “Shazzan and Stupidstitious

  1. Tim Harrod on May 12, 2012 at 5:33 pm said:

    If you like Shazzan, you absolutely must see “Shazzang,” the spot-on parody by Saturday Night Live’s “TV Funhouse.” Sick humor, but perfectly executed with a clear love for retro Hanna-Barbera:

  2. Hey Tim! I haven’t heard from you in a long time!

    That is a hilarious take on Shazzan – I think I’ll reference it in my review. I’m not surprised that Robert Smigel found it a good topic to parody.

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