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Flickr Friday: Disneyland Aluminum Hall of Fame Brochure

For Flickr Friday, I’m sharing a bit of that vintage Disneyland brochure that I picked up at the antique mall in Sherman Oaks during our recent L.A. trip. This brochure is from the Kaiser Aluminum Hall of Fame, one of the corporate-sponsored attractions that was quickly shoehorned into Tomorrowland in time for the park’s grand opening in July 1955. Although I couldn’t find much information on the Hall of Fame on the web, thanks to Daveland I now know that lasted in the park for five years, with Kaiser cutting their contract with Disney short since they felt the Disneyland TV show had inappropriately used competing sponsors.

In keeping with the science class-y nature of early Tomorrowland, the walk-though exhibit guided parkgoers through the wondrous process of making aluminum. This is illustrated in the brochure with nifty midcentury modern drawings like these:

Aluminum is poured into a rough form known as “pigs,” from which all our favorite aluminum stuff is made. Remember, you will be tested on this. According to Daveland, the attraction had a pig mascot named KAP (Kaiser Aluminum Pig). The 40 foot-long telescope at the center of the attraction looked as if it could slice someone’s limb open, if they weren’t careful.

With an optimistic look at what other Disneyland attractions used Kaiser aluminum on the brochure’s back cover, that concludes our visit to one of the more educational corners of The Happiest Place On Earthâ„¢.

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