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New at LitKids: Nancy Drew

I’ve been wanting to do a Nancy Drew LitKids print for a while — the teen sleuth is a little more modern than the other characters I’ve got, but she does fit in with the iconic Kids Lit canon. Although we constantly come across the Nancy books during our thrift store jaunts, they’re always reprints from the ’60s and later. Eventually I found an original 1946 printing of The Mystery of the Tolling Bell at a used book store. Once that was in place, doing a design with silhouette Nancy and her famous flashlight was easy. I chose to replace her trench coat with a smart ’40s frock, too. This one was a long time coming (the holidays, work, work, work), but it’s finally ready for sale at LitKids.

Christopher decided to shoot a video of me demonstrating the different stages of making the Nancy print. The first part (of four) is below. Though the screen I did in this video turned out to be underexposed and not usable, the videos hopefully have a lot of info for would-be screen printers. Enjoy!

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