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Flickr Friday: I’m Alvin

The examination of kiddie books from my youth continues with these scans from I’m Alvin, the story of a baby squirrel who is fished out of a river and nursed back to health. It seems weird that my mom decided to get us this book, since squirrels were nowhere to be found in Scottsdale, Arizona where I grew up. Published in 1967, the book was written and illustrated by one Elizabeth Rice. Our copy was very well-used, as you can see:

Although this book isn’t the greatest example of ’60s illustration style, it is pretty funny for the “annotations” I made in it. Apparently I decided that Alvin the squirrel needed some dialogue:

I couldn’t spell right (gimme a break, I was only 4 or 5), and had some trouble drawing normal looking cartoon dialogue balloons:

In the book, Alvin ventures out into the forest and meets all sorts of woodland animals. Saying “hi” to each and every one of them, of course!

3 Thoughts on “Flickr Friday: I’m Alvin

  1. Matt-

    If you have a moment, please consider “Emily’s virtual rocket” ( This is a newsblog, specifically designed with transgender people in mind. Secondarily, it is also of interest to gays, lesbians, and bisexuals. It consists of news items from around the world. Thank you for checking it out.



  2. Hi Matt
    Wanted to check out your blog the other night and had a total mental blog till I looked in my address book today.
    Heck I miss sending you CD mix assignments but hope to inspire you to git back in it with the next mix I make
    I have a youtube channel now too!
    I welcome to to check it out!

  3. Thanks, Trish!

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