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A Fall Mix: Cheap, Painless & Easy

Time for the Fall 2011 Mix! I put together this one relatively quickly. The mix has some good flow, veering from current stuff to ’90s dance to kiddie music to ’80s pop and oldies in an interesting way. I called it Cheap, Painless & Easy (named after an older tune by retro pop band Ivy) since most of the tracks were obtained for free or next to nothing at various places —, eMusic, Bittorrent (hey, I didn’t say it was all legal). Some of it comes from old favorites with new (to me) songs, others came from various things I was fascinated by lately. Last month, for instance, I found that eMusic had most of the Sesame Street discography — including track #11 in this mix, “My Name.” I wonder if Eminem heard that one as a child? The cover art comes from my Jim Flora thrift store find, Pishtosh, Bullwash and Wimple.

That new album by Ivy, All Hours, is excellent by the way. The download version below is a continuous mix, done as a single 70-minute file. Enjoy the tuneage!

Download ‘Cheap, Painless & Easy: Fall 2011 Mix (66.93 MB Zip file)

Track listing:
1. Neon Indian — “Polish Girl” (Era Extraña, 2011)
2. Herb Alpert — “Beyond” (Beyond, 1980)
3. Cliff Martinez — “They’re Calling My Flight” (Contagion soundtrack, 2011)
4. Lady Gaga — “Fashion of His Love” (Born This Way bonus track, 2011)
5. Frankmuzik — “Ludicrous” (Do It in the AM, 2011)
6. Pet Shop Boys — “Flamboyant” (PopArt: The Hits, 2003)
7. Still Corners — “Endless Summer” (Cuckoo EP, 2011)
8. Ivy — “Everybody Knows” (All Hours, 2011)
9. Sarah Cracknell — “Taking Off for France” (Lipslide UK edition, 1997)
10. Madonna — “Deeper and Deeper (Instrumental)” (single b-side, 1992)
11. Bob, Gordon, Maria and Susan — “My Name” (Sesame Street: Aren’t You Glad You’re You?, 1977)
12. Bobby Caldwell — “All of My Love” (Carry On, 1983)
13. Melissa Manchester — “The End of the Affair” (Emergency, 1983)
14. Ben Rector — “Let the Good Times Roll” (Something Like This, 2011)
15. The Monkees — “Apples, Peaches, Bananas and Pears” (1966 outtake first issued on Missing Links, 1987)
16. The Mamas & The Papas — “You Baby” (If You Can Believe Your Eyes And Ears, 1966)
17. Matthew Sweet — “She Walks the Night” (Modern Art, 2011)
18. Baby Washington — “I Can’t Wait Until I See My Baby’s Face” (single a-side, 1964)
19. Dusty Springfield — “Small Town Girl” (The Look Of Love, 1967)
20. Johnny Crawford — “Cry On My Shoulder” (single a-side, 1963)

One Thought on “A Fall Mix: Cheap, Painless & Easy

  1. You make awesome mixes.Keep em comin’!Trish

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