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You Had Me at Meow

Watching an episode of The Bob Newhart Show on MeTV last night got me thinking about the famous MTM Enterprises kitten logo. MTM put the kitty (named Mimsy) through many variants over the years. By far the sickest one came at the final credits of the last St. Elsewhere, which has poor Mimsy lying down with a heart monitor going into flatline mode. Noooo!

P.S. As a kid, I always thought that MTM was the television branch of MGM. It always made sense to me.

2 Thoughts on “You Had Me at Meow

  1. Was just watching the first episode of the MTM show on DVD yesterday and listening to the commentary about how they got the cat video: somebody brought in a box of six kittens and they shot several hours of them cavorting on film. The cat that made the cut is actually licking milk from her chops, apparently, with frames of film showing her tongue having been edited out.

    The “meow” came from a sound-effects library. The premiere episode of the show features the familiar meow used for years. The second ep uses a different one–higher pitch, more kitten than cat.

    May the Flying Spaghetti Monster bless the Internet for letting us indulge in such ephemera when we should be working.

  2. Wasting people’s time is what I do best – thanks!

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