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The Who What Why Where When And How Day

Nostalgia time: The Mouseketeers at Walt Disney World was a 1977 episode of The Wonderful World of Disney starring the jump suited, semi-forgotten ’70s edition of the Mickey Mouse Club — you know, the one with Blair from The Facts of Life in the cast. As a tyke, I was obsessed with the mouseketeers and afternoons would find me a) watching the show, or b) reenacting skits from the show with the kids who lived across the street. We also owned the record album (which contained a white-bread rendition of “Walking the Dog,” I recall) and wore it out.

This Disney World outing was a special memory for me, since the Florida park seemed like such a mystical, faraway place. Disneyland was semi-accessible, but Disney World might as well have been Paris or London. Watching the show now, it looks like one long (and cheesy) commercial. Three years ago, I finally got to go. Didn’t see River Country, however.

3 Thoughts on “The Who What Why Where When And How Day

  1. I was obsessed, OBSESSED, with this show, too! I had the LP, which I played to death, and I remember entering a contest via a box of Mickey valentines to be on the show. Being told I didn’t win was one of my first real moments of disappointment that I can remember.

    One summer, I somehow convinced the teens who ran craft time at the school playground (“playground monitors,” they were called) to put me in their talent show. I danced and lip-synched to, you guessed it, “Walkin’ the Dog.” Oh wow. Telling you about all that makes me realize I was actually repressing most of that memory. I shudder to think someone took pictures…

  2. Ha! Our local TV station had a contest in which you could win a Mickey Mouse shaped telephone and (squeal) a personal phone call with the mouseketeer of your choice. I entered and chose Todd, and lost. :(

    I’ve been watching a few episodes on YouTube. Sadly, they don’t hold up very well, but the cartoons are fun!

  3. The reason why you never saw River Country is because Disney closed River country back in 2001. People kept their hopes up, thinking that Disney would re-open River Country. But 4 years later in 2005, Disney officially announced that they are never going to re-open it again. The reason why they closed it back in 2001 had to do something with new government legislation regarding where and how the park may get and use its water for River Country. I’m not really sure about the specifics regarding this new law, but thats the gist of it. And as I understand it, Disney decided that the new laws would have made it a logistical nightmare to run River Country and that it was just easier to close it up.

    River Country is still there, but abandoned. Some people have sneaked into River Country and have taken photos and videos and posted them all over the net. Its really sad, depressing, and spooky to see what has become of the place. Disney never really tore it down, cleaned it up or removed whatever stuff was there. Lots of chairs, tables, deflated inner tubes, equipment, etc., all just laying around as if it closed only a couple minutes ago instead of 10 years ago. And as if when they did close it, not realizing they were closing it for the last time. A veritable ghost town. Again, REALLY sad and depressing to see. I wish they would re-open River Country or either just tear it down and cement and build over the entire place so that not a trace of it remains. Looking at it and knowing how its been abandoned is way depressing.

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