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New at LitKids: Tom Sawyer

I finally have a new LitKids piece ready — Mark Twain’s Tom Sawyer with fence and paintbrush. The first time I showed this design to Christopher, he remarked “That’s very mod.” I’d have to agree. Keeping past mistakes in mind, I made this one especially thick-lined and graphic. The drawing was even refined in Adobe Illustrator to get that super-sharp look.

My next LitKids project will be taking images of four of the more popular designs and professionally printing up some blank note cards. I’m hoping to put together boxes of eight and putting, say, ten dollars on them. This one makes me a bit leery, since I’m still in the red and it will cost me more $$$. Online, I’ve sold 69 prints in 2010 — which was wonderful — but 2011 is turning out sluggish. I’m gonna go ahead and print the cards anyhow, since it will be nice to diversify the product line a bit.

Tom and many more characters are available at my LitKids Etsy shop.





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