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Lunch with Martha

I’ve been subscribing to Martha Stewart’s Everyday Food magazine for a year now and am surprised at how much I’m enjoying it. Cooking has become something of a mini-hobby with me (especially soup, which I do in a big pot and eat over the following 3-4 weeks). The appealing, seasonal, intriguing but not too exotic stuff found in Everyday Food is perfect for my experience level. Usually upon receiving an issue, after drooling over the photography and layouts, I wind up trying one or two recipes a month. I’ve had the June issue for barely a few weeks and have already done four recipes. Yeah, I’m Martha’s kitchen bitch!

The first recipe I did was a Pizza Bianca with hand-rolled dough, a white sauce of ricotta and olive oil, mozzarella and parmesan cheeses. I also added some fresh chopped oregano and rosemary. After it’s cooked, you top with arugula for some bitter crunch. I forgot to add the parmesan before baking, so it got sprinkled atop the arugula. This was just as good cold as piping hot – yum!


Each Everyday Food has a section of recipes that use veggies or fruits currently in season — the June issue spotlights cucumbers, which I love. I did this cold cucumber and buttermilk soup with olive oil drizzled on top. It tastes like liquid cucumber, really delicious! With the rest of the buttermilk, I made my own ranch dressing (a huge improvement over store bought) from a recipe elsewhere in the issue.


Another cucumber recipe I tried was this side salad with English cucumbers, celery, tuna and poppy seeds, tossed in a rice vinegar and olive oil mixture. We’re bringing this to a Memorial Day weekend lunch with some friends. If it’s as good as the other stuff I’ve made, it should be a hit.


One Thought on “Lunch with Martha

  1. dizzythecat on May 28, 2011 at 9:34 pm said:

    Soooo glad you dig The Martha!
    I first encountered her in 1992 (“Living” magazine, I think, way back when I was penniless in Philly but captivated by her poster-fold-outs of pumpkins and squash…) and years later had the scratch to plunk down $30 (!!!) for her first periwinkle-colored cookbook.
    Talk about aspirational!
    Her indexing alone was worth the price.
    I know she has had her former ups and recent downs–I believe she is presently bleeding cash like a stuck pig and looking for a new buyer–she was the first person who truly made me understand that there is Life Beyond Cream Of Mushroom Soup and Sunset Magazine.

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