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Mad About Clifton’s

While catching up with Mad Men, we noticed a locale that looked strangely familiar in the season 3 opener, Out of Town. It was the quasi-Victorian restaurant where Don and Sal have dinner with two stewardesses and a pilot from the airline flight they just took. I couldn’t pinpoint the place until I heard one of the show’s actors on the commentary describing the perfectly preserved, Disneyland-like ambiance of the eatery. Right then I knew it as the third floor of Clifton’s Brookdale in downtown Los Angeles. How fun!

Contrast the publicity still below with the photos we took during our October ’09 visit. It looks like the Mad Men set dressers replaced the Clifton’s memorabilia on the walls with various old-style paintings, but they kept the lighting fixtures and the flocked wallpaper the same — not to mention the arches and the dark wood stair banisters (click the images for a closer view).





3 Thoughts on “Mad About Clifton’s

  1. Christopher on May 9, 2011 at 8:27 pm said:

    Remember how I suggested we sneak up the stairs to the closed third floor and look around, and how you were all afraid we would get in trouble, and then how that guy spotted us and you panicked and then he offered to turn on the lights so we could see better? We wouldn’t even have these pix if we listened to you….

  2. David on May 9, 2011 at 9:24 pm said:

    Clifton’s is such a happy place. When we were there at Christmas, a very friendly Santa Claus came and sat with us. It’s the one place I have to go on every visit to LA.

    We ran into a Mad Men location by accident in Pasadena on the last trip as well:

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