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Back from Paradise


Well, we’re back and completely rested after our October 9-13 trip to the island of Maui. Neither of us has ever been to Hawaii; it met my expectations in several areas even exceeded them (the weather and the mellow, friendly vibe of the locals). We stayed at the Honua Kai Resort and Spa, which was beautifully appointed if somewhat mainstream and white family-centric (I tend to prefer smaller, funkier lodging). The first night, we went out on the beach for a walk and beheld the most gorgeous sunset, framed by the neighboring islands of Lanai and Molokai. The photo above is of the two of us during our snorkeling trip. I loved the snorkeling! It’s like swimming in a giant saltwater aquarium. We also sampled a lot of food, ranging from heavenly to wretched (basically anything purchased in an airport). Everything is expensive, but I’ll learn to live with it until it’s time to pay the MasterCard bill. You can’t put a price on the memories and experiences we came away with.

I’ll post a more detailed trip report — later!

2 Thoughts on “Back from Paradise

  1. Brad In Worcester on October 16, 2010 at 7:10 am said:

    Congrats, Matt and Christopher!
    As an unreconstructed foodie, I wanna know more about the meals (lots of heavenly, please, but skip the airport gunk…)
    Did you have poi?
    Did you eat anything with Spam in it? (Hawaii consumes more of this product per capita than EVERY other state in the nation. Go figger…)
    Pig roasts? Macadamia nuts?
    Spill it, babe!

  2. Sure thing, Brad! The first meal we had was a cheeseburger and maui onion soup at Duke’s (the restaurant at the resort). Pretty good. The following morning we took a cab out to the historic fishing town of Lahaina and had breakfast at the Pioneer Inn restaurant. Fantastic meal – I had some Hawaiian sweet bread french toast with coconut syrup and Christopher had a Maui beef patty with rice and eggs with brown gravy on the side. He loved it. We also had shaved ice with pineapple, passion fruit and cherry syrup later on that day. Back at the resort, I looked up nearby dining options on Yelp and found a place within walking distance creatively called The Fish Market. This was the kind of local hole in the wall place we love! We arrived just before closing time but the employees were very sweet. I had a grilled mon chong fillet on focaccia bread with pesto, lettuce and tomato, C. had an ono steak with white rice and salad. Both were fresh and delicious. Our “fancy” meal for the last night was at Duke’s. I had ahi tuna with a macadamia nut crust and C. had mon chong and shrimp in a banana leaf. Expensive, but great! We topped it off with “hula pie”, macadamia nut ice cream with an oreo cookie crust. Yummmm.

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