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The ArchAndroid Sheds a Tear

I just downloaded The ArchAndroid from genre-defying (and hyped to the gills) artist Janelle Monáe. This concept album constitutes parts two and three of an epic story arc somehow involving oppressed yet sexy robots in the year 2719; one can’t fault the woman for being ambitious. While I don’t immediately get the concept, the album is a wildly inventive and eclectic suite. The project is anchored by clearly defined melodies and Monáe’s skilled, unadorned voice — thankfully she’s not buried under Auto Tune like other current divas (cough, Rihanna, cough). The music seems inspired by anything and everything yet somehow winds up being a cohesive whole; check the PopMatters review and comments to see her compared with everything from David Bowie to Vanessa Williams. The anthem-like “Cold War” with its touch of “Hey Ya” vibes (video below) is a highlight. Just the latest thing or a talent to be reckoned with?

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