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It’s Pollyanna at LitKids

Yesterday I put the finishing touches on a new LitKids print — Pollyanna! This one came out pretty great. I love the design, the colors, the quality of the book pages. True, some of her balloon string didn’t come through the silk screen, but touches like that give these prints a nice handmade quality. A Pollyanna is a rather disparaging term for someone who is blindly optimistic, but it can be a positive thing, too. This is a piece for those who aren’t afraid to call themselves a Pollyanna.





2 Thoughts on “It’s Pollyanna at LitKids

  1. i’ve been reading your blog forever and did not put it together that you were behind litkids! i’ve seen them on other sites and loved them. this is great!

  2. Thanks, Noell – it makes me feel good that you appreciate both!

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