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Friday Night Lights

Today’s video: a circa 1991 promo for 100% Weird on the TNT network. I remember staying home Friday nights and watching this; there was also MonsterVision hosted by Joe Bob Briggs (which may have replaced 100% Weird). At that time Ted Turner utilized TNT to air his recently purchased MGM/Warner Bros. film library. This was an interesting period for TNT, when they’d broadcast an NBA game followed by some forgotten Jimmy Cagney flick with nary a blink. I remember watching old movies that had no chance ever appearing on VHS alongside ancient short subjects (“Who Stole Norma Shearer’s Jewels?”) and cartoons back then and really digging it. In 1994, the film library got their own vehicle with Turner Classic Movies. And the rest is history.

While we’re at it, I’m also going to share an article on good old TNT written by Tom Gallagher for Details magazine, also circa 1991 (click image for larger version). “As Noël Coward said, sort of, it’s extraordinary how potent cheap movies can be.” — couldn’t have stated it better myself!

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