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You’re Turning Violet, Violet!

Doing some tweaking on the site design and decided to go all purple and violet with the color scheme. We also have a cleaner, sharper version of the header graphic. These colors come from the “eggplant” section of Adobe Illustrator’s vegetable color palette; I plan to keep it this way for a year before switching the colors out again.

Another thing I have to look into eventually is finding a wider WordPress template. Having 500 pixels width for weblog entries used to be a great luxury, but now my weblog is starting to feel like Kate Moss in a world full of Kirstie Alleys. Skinny! Ideally I’d like to keep the current design, just rejigger the content area to add an extra 25% of girth. Having no talent for rejiggering things, however, this could be an insurmountable challenge.

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