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Kodak Moment

This video has been passed around a lot, but I love Kodak’s precious test color footage from 1922 so much I want to share it here. It’s mesmerizing: the flicker, the color, the mannered posing. The weird looking woman in the clip’s last half is actress Mae Murray, one of the iconic silent film stars (her 1925 opus The Merry Widow just got DVR’d here at Chez Scrubbles). More info on the clip can be perused at Kodak’s A Thousand Words weblog. Now excuse me while I watch it again:

2 Thoughts on “Kodak Moment

  1. Cristiane on August 25, 2010 at 5:24 pm said:

    That is just gorgeous. Mae Murray was a HUGE silent star, but was apparently a bit of a loon, even in her days of stardom. She did come out with one of my favorite comments when interviewed about Sunset Boulevard, however – “None of us floozies was ever that nuts.” (I also have The Merry Widow on my DVR – it’s pretty amazing.)

  2. I’ve heard stuff about her, Christiane, that she was a diva. Apparently all that posturing on this footage wasn’t too much of an act. I’ve never seen any of her movies, so The Merry Widow should be interesting. Look out for it on Mishmash!

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