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Glorious Cinemascope and Stereophonic Sound

My spouse has written a cogent article on his weblog about Hollywood’s current obsession with 3D. Like color and wide screen, it’s all a matter of “been there, done that.”

On a related note, this image came off a vintage 1930 or so postcard folder of movie star homes which C. just bought. I spy Norma Shearer, Harold Lloyd, Will Rogers, Winnie Lightner, Joe E. Brown, Douglas Fairbanks and John Barrymore amongst the faces. See any others?


2 Thoughts on “Glorious Cinemascope and Stereophonic Sound

  1. Cristiane on August 10, 2010 at 5:03 pm said:

    Fun! I could see:

    Constance Bennett
    Edmund Lowe
    Charles Bickford
    George Bancroft
    Warner Baxter
    Ronald Colman
    Robert Montgomery
    Marion Davies
    John Barrymore
    Maurice Chevalier
    Mary Pickford
    and (I think)
    Chaplin (out of his tramp drag – just to the right of Norma Shearer) and Joan Crawford (below Chaplin – although that could possibly be Garbo)

    Weirdly, there are two who strongly resemble Tom Cruise and Cher.

    I LOVE pre-code movies.

  2. Great finds! There’s also Colleen Moore (between Montgomery and Will Rogers) and Clara Bow (redhead just above center). The Crawford/Garbo woman could also be Gloria Swanson. She’s pretty generic looking!

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