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Where Have You Been Hiding Out Lately, Honey

I barely remember watching this clip from Marie Osmond’s short lived solo variety series, Marie, when it was originally on circa 1981. This is Marie performing Billy Joel’s “It’s Still Rock ‘n Roll to Me” as a campy duet with herself — what a hoot! Two things I notice now: the costumes have all the hallmarks of the legendary Bob Mackie, and Marie was a talented performer for being only about 21 years old. Enjoy.

3 Thoughts on “Where Have You Been Hiding Out Lately, Honey

  1. Brad In Worcester on July 21, 2010 at 7:27 pm said:

    All the Gods Forgive Me Please but I had a terrible, terrible crush on La Mare-Mare (my sooper-secret 12-year-old nickname for her); her skin was just so, so, WHITE. Her teeth a beacon to purity and Clean Livin’. Mackie’s spangly outfits (lent to her by Carol Burnett, no doubt) always got me ginchy. I’ll never forget the teaser-promos for her solo show— I’ve long forgotten the name of the show-tune that supplied the melody, but the text was, “Marie, You’ve done some changin’, Marie, Some re-arrangin’…” and then she would burst through the glittery curtains and say, “It’s ME!”.
    I scoured the pages of Tiger Beat. I dissected the bible that was TV Guide. I wanted as much Mare-Mare as I could hold.
    Alas, she never guested on Match Game. No luck with Carson, either.
    Her ABC summer replacement show, “Marie”, didn’t quite make the grade, if memory serves, and I Moved On.
    To darker pleasures.
    But this triple-threat continued (continues?) to beguile me, even now.
    Bless you, Mare-Mare.

  2. LardyRevenger on July 26, 2010 at 7:36 pm said:

    That is a genius interpretation of the song. I wonder if Billy Joel’s seen this?

  3. hey Matt just wanna thank you for posting this clip, I remember very vaguely I used to love to watch this on TV, probably while channel surfing, coz I really didnt know the artist or the song title back then, just remembered this line ” whats wrong with the car im driving….” which kinda got stuck in my head way back when I was a lil kid! Thanks once again, Marie was superb! God Bless& Cheerz! :)

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