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The Fabric of Our Hip, Happenin’ Lives

Hey people, it’s been over two weeks since we’ve gotten a comment at I’m not going to get too sad about it, but… where is everybody? Please come out from that sun scorched rock you’re under and tell me what’s going on.

Onward to the latest semi-forgotten industrial film of the past. 1969’s R.F.D. Greenwich Village is a tranquil ode to the bohemian youth of NYC and their seemingly endless supply of wide wale corduroy fashions. This sort of cinema vérité documentary-cum-advertisement shares a lot of similarities with Every Girl’s Dream, another short produced by the Cotton Producers Association a few years earlier. In that film, a young woman (Nancy Bernard, 1966’s Maid of Cotton) tours a run-down, deserted MGM studio lot while wearing an assortment of fresh cotton daytime wear. The short also contains some great wardrobe tests of Doris Day modeling costumes from The Glass Bottom Boat. This priceless short isn’t viewable online, but whoever programs Turner Classic Movies seems to enjoy playing it in the gaps between features.

6 Thoughts on “The Fabric of Our Hip, Happenin’ Lives

  1. Not sure how you’ll feel about this idea, however I’d love it if every time you posted something new at (whether a video or non-video post), you linked to it on your Facebook page. Absolutely no doubt that you have great stuff to share, Matt. I just wanted to make a suggestion. Thanks for sharing this fun short film, btw!

  2. That’s a good idea, since I’m already on Facebook all the time anyway. Thanks, Dan!

  3. Brad In Worcester on June 24, 2010 at 1:26 pm said:

    Lots of lurking, recently, Matt.
    I’m too boring these days to add anything to your already scrumptuous feast.
    (Too boring to look up the proper spelling of scrumptuous too!)
    But I know it must be frustrating.
    It’s just like my younger days in theatre, when so often our casts outnumbered the audience…
    Sending you happy vibes!

  4. Cristiane on June 24, 2010 at 5:36 pm said:

    I promise, I come by every day. I’m just not much of a poster, really. LOVE YOUR SITE.

  5. Thanks, Brad and Christiane! I really appreciate you and all the others who come here.

    Re: the comment issue. It’s just a phase I go through sometimes. It gets me down whenever there’s a dry period like that, but then again I think about my own behavior and how I rarely leave comments on weblogs. I just have to accept that it isn’t very easy to comment on here; either that or I don’t have a vocal readership. Carry on, people!

  6. I’m more of a lurker, too. However, I do visit your site almost every day. I love reading your movie/book reviews.

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