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Monthly Archives: March 2010

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Gardening — for Victory!

This nice sunny Saturday was a perfect opportunity for us to plant the seeds for the very first vegetable garden in our backyard. We had actually been planning our victory garden for a while now. Christopher prepared the plot for planting last fall, and heavy rains over the winter caused the ground to get nice and soft. We have a good variety of crops including carrots, onions, bell and hot peppers, and green beans (marked by hand-drawn stones pictured below). I have no idea if the Arizona soil is good for vegetables, but we’re planning to water it diligently and hope for the best.



Who Will Win?

The Academy Awards are almost upon us, but what I find frustrating for us anal retentive types is that most of the online predictions only cover the major award categories. I want my Live Action Short and Sound Mixing predictions, dammit! Comprehensive lists are out there if you look hard enough; this guy’s are as good as any, I suppose. Have you entered Kris’s Oscar contest yet? A Twilight sparkly sock monkey playset (infinitely more adorable than Robert Pattinson) can be yours with the right guesses.

Christopher and I are having our own little Oscar party Sunday night. We all should know that the only awards that ever truly mattered can be seen below:

It Blowed Up Real Good

I want to have something different to share today, video-wise. How about Disney animator Ward Kimball’s very un-Disney 1968 short, Escalation?

Inspiration: The Night Zoo

I’ll put the cover of The Night Zoo by illustrator Bob Staake here as a little pick-me-up to get me going through the week. Staake drew these animals on paper, cut them out with an x-acto, then arranged and spruced them up digitally. It falls into the kind of whimsical and charming stuff that I dig.

My own creative venture is coming along well. Despite a few mishaps, I hope to have it live this Spring. It seems like I’ve been working on this thing forever (just over a year, in fact), but the light at the end of the tunnel is appearing. Better make sure it isn’t a train.