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Girl Howdy

Have you ever seen those DVD sets that cram a bunch of scratchy public domain movies into one small package? I just bought one — Mill Creek’s Comedy Kings 50 Movie Pack. Mostly I got it since the selections, mostly ’30s/’40s era bottom-of-the-bill fillers made by the likes of Hal Roach and PCR, include four movies that my fave Joyce Compton starred in. There’s also a lot of obscure stuff that hasn’t even shown up on TCM. Because they’re crappy? Perhaps, but even crappy old movies have their uniqueness that doesn’t compare to whatever new bad movie comes down the pike.

One of the cinematic, uh, treasures on this set is a 1944 hillbilly themed musical called I’m from Arkansas. I have a short ditty from the movie below. Yes, the singer’s name is Carolina Cotton, and in my own twisted way I’m looking forward to seeing what the rest of this flick has to offer.

2 Thoughts on “Girl Howdy

  1. Brad In Worcester on March 26, 2010 at 11:36 pm said:

    Lady Gaga’s Great Gramma?

  2. Brad In Worcester on March 27, 2010 at 1:48 pm said:

    Matt– you must have special powers:
    I just bought the same DVD for some late Winter/early Spring midnights, when I can’t read and TCM won’t satisfy.
    Good thing you don’t sell Kobe beef, or condominiums, or nuclear secrets…

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