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Special FX (’90s Edition)

Today’s videos are artifacts from the dorky yet lovable early years of Fox’s FX cable channel. These promos date from when the network went under the tagline “TV Made Fresh Daily,” broadcasting a variety of shows from their funky studios in New York City. Although you might recognize a few faces that later went on to better things (Tom Bergeron, Jeff Probst), mostly the channel was a low-key affair staffed by friendly guy- and girl-next-door types. I think Fox meant it to feel like a bunch of your friends got together and put on a show. Sandwiched between reruns of Batman and Mission: Impossible, the channel’s slate of original programs covered a variety of subjects. My own favorite was Personal FX, the antiques and collectibles show. I was a regular viewer despite the fact that it was hosted by a complete airhead (Claire Carter) who knew nothing about antiques and collectibles. At least co-host John Burke brought on the hunk appeal. Burke later hosted on the pre-acronym American Movie Classics, and recently I was surprised to find him in a commercial endorsing some kind of back pain gadget.

Of course, FX is now a powerhouse network with acclaimed series like Damages and Nip/Tuck on their schedule — but guess what? I never watch them. I actually prefer the old, dorky FX. Some things actually work better if they haven’t been mass marketed and focus tested to death.

3 Thoughts on “Special FX (’90s Edition)

  1. Michelle on February 25, 2010 at 4:56 pm said:

    John Burke popped up yesterday (the day of your post) on “General Hospital”! He played a federal prosecutor who got shoved out of the Sonny Corinthos case (the character was a himbo with a blackmailable, hanky-panky past). I’m guessing it was a one-day gig.

    I also really liked “Personal FX” as well as “The Pet Department.” Trainer Andrea Arden can now be seen on Animal Planet’s “Underdog to Wonderdog.”

    Also, don’t forget Phil Keoghan (host of “The Amazing Race”) was a “road warrior” on “Breakfast Time.”

  2. Funny–thought I recognized Phil in those promos! I loved FX in its early days. It was casual and fun. I loved the show where they read viewer mail. I have to admit I loved watching the old shows like “Nanny and the Professor” too! :) Now there is nothing on that channel that interests me.

  3. I used to watch FX *constantly* during the 1994-95 era, but for some reason (maybe in 1996?) I drifted away from it. I used to *LOVE* that they were showing “Mission: Impossible” on a regular basis–and “Wonder Woman.” These were shows that had been out of syndication for a while, but the DVD age hadn’t arrived, so it was like being a kid in a candy store! I haven’t watched the network in well over 10 years now. I think they knew in the beginning that they wanted to be different…and they wound up being like pretty much everything else. Laurie Hibberd, if I recall, married Michael Gelman, producer of “Live with Regis & Kathie Lee/Kelly.” Tom Bergeron went on to “Hollywood Squares” and “America’s Funniest Videos.” Not much more to say about that one. ;-)

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