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ABC’s Funshine Saturday

A fun promo film for ABC’s Fall 1974 daytime and Saturday morning lineup includes shows familiar (The Brady Bunch, already a rerun staple mere months after getting cancelled in prime time) and unfamiliar (The Girl in My Life). That animated gumball machine on the ABC Afterschool Special elicits a real deja vu feeling here!

4 Thoughts on “ABC’s Funshine Saturday

  1. Brad In Worcester on February 18, 2010 at 5:22 pm said:

    I need my favorite blanky, one “Super Big Gulp” from 7-11, one-half box of Ka-Boom cereal, and Mark Brewer, my bestiest neighbor-friend from 2 houses down.
    Yep. 1974.


    I’ve never heard of any of them! And I thought I’d heard them all. Wowsers.

    How exciting does “A story about the a turn of the century family in the rural midwest” sound to a kid! LOL

    And what the heck was the “Tale of a Girl” or wutever. Oh, and “10,000” dollar pyramid! It must be up to a million by now. Good stuff.

  3. I vaguely remember These Are The Times, sort of a Hanna Barbera version of The Waltons. The Boomerang channel used to run it a few years back. Yeah, you gotta wonder about that.

  4. Yes, I also watched These Are The Times — a show I haven’t thought about in years. Not the funniest cartoon as I recall, but I remember the better than average animation and the realistic storylines. Brings back fond memories of dragging our small portable B&W TV into my room on Friday nights so I would be ready to watch cartoons first thing in the morning on Saturday.

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