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Binder, Maurice Binder

I’ve been checking out a lot of favorite 1960s movie title sequences lately. Today’s neat discovery: a YouTube user has strung together all of the James Bond franchise title sequences so you can see how they developed over time. The first group below includes titles from Dr. No, From Russia with Love and Goldfinger — all designed by Maurice Binder (not true, actually; see comments). Binder designed the credits on all 007 franchise films released up to his death in 1991. Even the more recent Bond titles owe a huge debt to his seductive imagery.

2 Thoughts on “Binder, Maurice Binder

  1. great blog matt!
    just to “flesh out” the design credits a bit more:
    robert brownjohn was the title designer for “from russia with love” and “goldfinger”,
    maurice then picked up again on “thunderball”.
    you might enjoy this post on brownjohn and the goldfinger titles:

  2. Thanks for the info, Mark. I totally didn’t know that. Now it seems like Binder was copying Brownjohn for the post-Goldfinger titles!

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