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Return to Joy

A vintage To Tell the Truth segment with silent film actress Leatrice Joy. Although we’re probably the only people on the planet with a framed picture of Miss Joy hanging in our kitchen, this was a tough one to guess. The one I suspected most from the opening remarks ended up being the real Leatrice, however.

Jeez, I miss the old b&w game shows on GSN.

2 Thoughts on “Return to Joy

  1. Brad In Worcester on January 14, 2010 at 11:50 am said:

    Thanks for da memories!
    My 9-year-old self thought this show was the height of New Yorkish sophistication; I remember sitting through the Gerry Moore (sp?) years with hushed delight at 7 pm every weeknight— Orson Bean, Kitty, and Witty ol’ Bill Cullen– I wanted to be Bill Cullen soooo much!
    I had this fantasy that me (Bill Cullen) and my scrappy girl Peggy (who in this fantasia was not an actress but a top-rated playwright…) would roam Manhattan by moonlight, stopping into wood-lined libraries with fancy cut-glass decanters draped with little medallions encrusted in rubies that spelled out “Scotch” or “Charteuse” or whatever, and solve crimes and get stories and befriend all the lonely Knickerbocker rich kids in the Theatre District zip code.
    I would be in a comfy suit, and there would be a secret pocket for my flask, given to me by a previous secret lover…
    I would live on the Terrace Floor of the Cauthever building, 444 West 57th street. I would have a collection of international Smith-Coronas. Everyone knew me. Everyone liked me.

  2. You have a vivid fantasy life, Brad!

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