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Retro Refreshing

soda_throwbacksStrolling the soda aisle at the local Safeway, I was delighted to find enticing stacks of Pepsi Throwback and Mountain Dew Throwback on display. You might remember that the Throwback sodas (with cane and beet sugar replacing corn syrup as sweetener) were introduced in a frustratingly short run last Spring. Now they’re back, and with more authentic looking packaging, too! has posted a review of the new Pepsi Throwback, along with somewhat disappointing news that this, too, is a limited run. I bought a 24 pack of the Mountain Dew and am looking forward to its citrussy sweet goodness.

Something else that will brighten up my 2010 — Dr. Pepper Heritage. I’m sure my dentist will love that one.

3 Thoughts on “Retro Refreshing

  1. Matt, thanks for the shoutout on the Throwback review. Let me know what you think of the Dew. We’re going to have our review up soon, but you will note that the formula changed from the April 2009 version :)

  2. Saw a case of this at Cosco today. Is it any good/worth it?

  3. Bryan – They are definitely good and worth it if you like old-style, sweet soda. I didn’t realize how yeckky the corn syrup-sweetened soda was until I sought out sodas with real sugar in the last couple of years. More flavorful and with less of a nasty aftertaste.

    Steve – thanks for the comment. I had a can of the Mountain Dew today. It’s fantastic, really citrussy. I do taste a little more orange in this one, which makes it slightly inferior to the April formula. It’s still much better than HFCS Dew, however.

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