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From Beautiful Burbank

Christopher writes on our adventures attending a taping of The Big Bang Theory last night.

One thing he didn’t mention: after the taping, we were allowed to walk through the empty nighttime Warner Bros. studio lot by ourselves. Since we walked to the studio and the normal audience exit was at a parking structure on the opposite side of the lot from our hotel, they allowed us to take a shortcut (as long as we didn’t “dilly dally,” according to the studio page who helped us). The Warner lot has such a history, and being amongst the cavernous buildings where Bette Davis and Humprey Bogart once walked was such a thrill.

One Thought on “From Beautiful Burbank

  1. Congratulations on 15 wonderful years. kids! Cheers to 15 more. Happy that you got to witness a Big Bang Theory taping. Free chocolate & pizza too?! Seriously — life can’t get any better. BTW, I know I still owe you the rest of that mix. Will probably send a download link since my CD burner is still giving me more trouble :(

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