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Experiment, Refresh, Repeat

The redesign continues … after a lot of trial and tribulation, the layout is now the way I originally envisioned it to be. Unfortunately, the header looks a bit lost — downright illegible, even — amid the background pattern. Back to Photoshop for more tweaks. The final design will be here, eventually.

There’s also the cross-platform issue. Although this page looks fine ‘n dandy in Safari and Firefox on my Mac, I’ve noticed that viewing it with Internet Explorer on Windows seriously screws with the layout. Apparently it displays just a header and a footer with nothing in between. This might be an issue only with older versions of IE or Windows. PC users, can you give me any feedback on how the site looks on your end?

4 Thoughts on “Experiment, Refresh, Repeat

  1. Looks great in firefox on my pc (vista, firefox 3.5.3) but yeah, totally thrashed in ie. My ie is 7, which may not be up to date (I don’t use it) but my vista is updated.
    In ie: I see no white background, no body, no comment field – the sidebar is there though. Also no home/about me tabs.

  2. Thanks, Sarah. This is so frustrating. Part of me wants to say “screw it” and go with what I have, but I will put a query on this theme’s message boards. The other problems were at least somewhat solveable, but this one’s a real pickle.

  3. Brad In Worcester on September 27, 2009 at 6:44 pm said:

    “Doggonnitt Matt!

    Take some Hydro-Sleep pills, spend a coupla orbits in the Dreeem-Sqweezer, and by 2600 hours you’ll be refreshed and ready to tackle those darn bugs faster than a Venusian Triple-Cat in a FreeFall Dynamo!” cried Tex, hopping in from the Chow-Wow-Wagon.

    Tom Smiled.

  4. Okay, I’ve located the problem. I was closing out my HTML comments with “–!>” when they should have been “–>”. It’s a glitch that screws up Internet Explorer and no other browsers. Let this be a lesson to ya!

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