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Sugar in the Morning, Sugar in the Evening

Having just polished off a package of delicious vanilla Zingers, I wanted to share a couple of swell Dolley Madison commercials featuring the Peanuts gang from the early ’80s. Notice that the Zingers in these ads have a swirl of white icing on top, a la Hostess Cup Cakes. I don’t remember that detail at all.

4 Thoughts on “Sugar in the Morning, Sugar in the Evening

  1. These were in my school lunch all the time. I loved the chocolate best. I remember you could peel the frosting layer off in one piece like a leather belt.

    Boy, I laughed seeing the Dolly Madison logo animated (and with a voice!) in the 2nd spot. I’ve always liked that logo.

  2. Testing comments … do they work?

  3. Yes, it appears they do work!

  4. Let’s try it again.

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