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Spin Me Right Round

Jonah Weiner of Three biggest reasons music magazines are dying. This was such an interesting read, since it came a few days after we spent some time in our local Borders looking at the magazines (music and otherwise). It was pathetic. Rolling Stone is but a shadow of what it was in the ’80s. The larger format that made it so distinctive is gone. I was also shocked at the slim issue of Entertainment Weekly I perused. The thing is like a pamphlet now. The article’s observations on the lessening need for music critics in today’s culture spot-on. Read it.

P.S. Of all the mags we looked at, one of the few that left a favorable impression was Illustration Magazine. Perhaps expensive is the wave of the future?

2 Thoughts on “Spin Me Right Round

  1. You’re right about Entertainment Weekly. It’s slowly fading away. It’s probably headed toward an online reincarnation.

  2. It’s really sad. I’ve read EW since issue one, but gave up my subscription earlier this year. Most of the articles were getting too short and too stupid.

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