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Fascinated by Cheryl Ladd

Of all the things I thought of today, how on earth did the subject of Cheryl Ladd’s singing career come up? The actress released a few albums during her Charlie’s Angels heyday, even scoring a minor hit with “Think It Over” in 1978. The clip below features Ladd performing “Fascinated.” I’ve actually written about this catchy tune before, only it was a rendition by The Gong Show‘s Jaye P. Morgan. Cheryl’s version appeared on a Japan-only release in 1981 (the Japanese really dig singing actresses, apparently). I don’t know if this footage was taken from a TV special or music video, but it is, uh, fascinating. I can’t decided which part I like best. Could it be where Cheryl is wearing a spacey gold sequined outfit and ’80s hair — or maybe where she’s photographing mannequins, then suddenly becomes a mannequin?

As if that wasn’t cool enough, the song can be downloaded at Cheryl’s own website. She’s gorgeous, and she approves of file sharing — what more could you want?

4 Thoughts on “Fascinated by Cheryl Ladd

  1. Thanks for sharing, Matt. What other blog would dare post a Cheryl Ladd video? Good stuff! As a photographer, I’m pleased to see that the former Pussycat doll knows her way around a photo studio and community dog show. The parts where she’s singing are cool too, though she looks a bit like an overly dolled-up Nancy Wilson. So why didn’t she make a video for the song Skinnydippin’? ;)

  2. Cheryl Ladd was also one of the singers for the animated group Josie and the Pussycats as Cheryl Stoppelmoor. In some alternate universe, their song “Every Beat of My Heart” was Number One for weeks and weeks in 1971. It’s here:

  3. i have a japanese single of hers. you can see the cover here:

    if you are curious(scroll down a bit).

  4. What a find!

    Isn’t it weird how the Japanese like singing actresses? Alyssa Milano had a thriving music career there, too.

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