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Home Movie Time

Amateur filmmaker Sid Laverents has died at age 100. Although I’ve never heard of Laverents before, his story is one of those heartwarming examples of someone whose hobby eventually defined their life. For Multiple SIDosis, Laverents spent four years filming multiple versions of himself performing a sprightly “Nola.” It’s a charming little film that ranks among the few amateur works included in the Library Of Congress film preservation collection. What slays me about the obit was that he didn’t start doing this until after he turned fifty years old!

One Thought on “Home Movie Time

  1. At 6 min 40 sec into this, the ‘sweet potato’ is played–lower right. My dad WAS a musician of sorts, especially as a young man. He had two sweet potatoes (I have no idea what the real name of them actually is). Now, my son has them on display in his house as a novelty. I remember my own dad showing me how to play the instrument, but I never heard it played by anyone else. Until now. Thanks! Entertaining indeed.

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