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The Discovery Channel

I like the lively opening sequence of the ABC Sunday morning kiddie show Discovery ’68 (spotted on Grainedit’s Twitter feed). Very fun. This show ran for several years with the year appended to the title, a la Match Game.

In a similar vein, get an eyeful of the ABC logo’s quasi-psychedelic permutations from their Fall 1971 promo. ABC was considered the little guy of the three networks back then, with a lineup of sugary sitcoms like The Brady Bunch. It’s interesting to see how they decided to market themselves with the sweeping landscape views and mellow, Free Design-like music.

2 Thoughts on “The Discovery Channel

  1. Ion on May 7, 2009 at 3:38 am said:

    Some nice videos! Really like the animation in the first 30 seconds of Discovery ’68. The rest brings back memories of the Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood closing sequence. Nice sweepinging cinematography in the ABC promo — the way the camera closes in on the TV in the house. The colorful silhouettes of the people near the end reminds me of those i-Pod commercials. And yes, that music does sound like the Free Design. 1971 A Hit Song :)

  2. Oh man, I love it. That ’71 campaign tune is scrumptious.

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