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Fine, Swine, Wish It Weren’t Mine

Sorry. I’ve been laying low in the past few days. I caught the flu. Not the dreaded H1N1 (don’t call it Swine) Flu, thank goodness. It got really bad over the weekend; now I’m coasting out of it in a general haze of ickiness. In honor of the occasion, I have some vintage PSAs from the last swine flu outbreak in 1976. The technique may be dated, but the paranoia is timeless. Your taxpayer money at work!

Back to pills and plenty of fluids for me.

7 Thoughts on “Fine, Swine, Wish It Weren’t Mine

  1. I see you have, somehow, obtained a post card sent to me back in 1956 from Disneyland and you posted it on your website! I am Marilyn Joann Gibler and the only one who lived in Lombard, Il–Grace Street–in 1956 (I’m fairly certain of that–it wasn’t that big of a town back then and Gibler wasn’t a common name).
    I have no idea who sent it to me back then and wonder how it found its way into your hands! Amazing, really. Well,just thought I’d let you know that “Miss Gibler” is still alive and well and, now, at age 64 lives in TN. Thanks for a bit of entertainment.

  2. Oh, sorry–my comment pertained to this:
    “The Object Acquisition Project: A Series
    Below is the outside of a vintage Disneyland fold-out postcard folder, sent to Miss Marilyn Gibler of Lombard, IL in August of 1956. Miss Gibler undoubtedly reacted with joy (and maybe a little jealousy) as she opened the piece and saw brightly colored photos of attractions such as the Pirate Ship and the Astro-Jets…” which is archieved on your website.
    Hope you feel better and get over the flu quickly.

  3. Thanks, Marilyn. I’ve been feeling much better for the past few days.

    How amazing that you found something you owned over fifty years ago, right here on Scrubbles! That just blows my mind.

  4. Glad you are better. Yes, I thought it was amazing to find it as well. Can you enlighten me–is the post card signed? I vaguely remember it, maybe I kept it for a while. But I can’t figure out who would have sent it to me from California. If you would email me or just post a name here, I’d appreciate it. Just rather curious.
    Thank you.

  5. Hey, Marilyn! I’ve been trying to send you emails but they keep bouncing back. To answer your question, it is not signed and doesn’t have a message from the sender. It just has the address written in pencil in a small child’s hand.

    I can mail it back to you, if you want.

  6. Marilyn, I found a sender’s name on that postcard — it’s from Greg Clark! Did you know a Greg Clark back then?

  7. Yes, I knew and still know who Greg is! I will send you an email–try clicking reply again on the email. I can’t imgine why it keeps coming back to you. THANKS! Marilyn

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