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Disney, Disney and More Disney

A few months after launch, the Disney company’s hoity toity club D23 has been getting mixed to bad reviews from the fans. Granted, charging seventy-five bucks a year for a glossy, shallow magazine and the honor of buying overpriced tchotckes online was a foolish move in this economic climate. I also detest how they’re casting too wide a net on this thing, attempting to rope in both classic Disney fans and the Hannah Montana/High School Musical tweens. Three words, Disney: ain’t gonna happen. Pity, because the website is actually pretty cool for what it’s worth. Nicely researched articles such as this profile of the late voice actress Robie Lester are luckily free to non-members. Disney is a huge corporate entity with no capability whatsoever of being self-critical, so I don’t expect much of D23 — but what they have so far is a pleasant little diversion.

More Disney goodness: Eight Great Moments of Design at Walt Disney World, a long but worthwhile entry from the astute blogger behind Passport to Dreams, Old and New. I actually missed most of these on my trip last year, so it gives me something to look forward to should I ever get back.

Coincidentally, James Lileks has been filing a Walt Disney World trip report — so far he’s got day one at Animal Kingdom and day two at Epcot, with more to come. I like his perspective on things, and the fact that he keeps comparing the place with what Unofficial Guide readers say is hilarious (I was doing the same thing on my visit a year ago).

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