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Eating Doritos and Writing About Them

Yesterday, during one of my periodic jaunts to the corner convenience store, I spied a new snackfood on the shelves. In an apparent bid to catch the Pineapple Express audience, Doritos has introduced two flavors going by the names Late Night Tacos at Midnight and Last Call Jalapeño Poppers. I snatched up a bag of the taco chips. Pathetically, I intend to write about them here.

A little background: I savored the original Taco flavored Doritos as they existed in the ’80s, especially when one would find the odd chip with a crust of excess taco powder. It makes my heart beat faster just thinking about that stuff. After a long dry spell without my precious Taco Doritos, the company reintroduced them into the market a few years back. Unfortunately, the new taco chips can only be bought as part of their Collisions line, sharing bag space with blah chipotle ranch chips. They also taste subtly different from the old formula — but, hey, I’ll take ’em any way they make ’em.

This bag of Late Night Tacos at Midnight made for a subversive afternoon snack. Immediately I wondered if the formula on these is different from the Collisions chips. They are. For one, they smell exactly like a real taco — with tomato and lettuce, even! My hat is off to the nameless Frito Lay test kitchen employee who came up with a way to make a tortilla chip smell as if it contains lettuce. Luckily, the leafy green scent doesn’t translate to the taste. Actually, they taste somewhat wimpy and unappealing. Guess you have to be a pothead with the munchies to truly enjoy these.

p.s. I haven’t tried the Last Call Jalapeño Poppers Doritos. A tweet from my pal Bob calls them “disgusting.” Think I’ll pass.

One Thought on “Eating Doritos and Writing About Them

  1. Ha! Late Night Tacos at Midnight’s real name “Stumbled to Taco Bell at 3:30 After the Bar and Crammed 7 Tacos in My Mouth That I Will Barf Up in 27.9 Minutes.”

    Maybe that’s too long… Hrmm…

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