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Tuesday Miscellany

Different things on the last Tuesday in March … swellorama design blog Grain Edit has an interview with Andy Cruz of House Industries on their Alexander Girard products. They’re also having a giveaway on the same stuff. At least Cruz did a good job of explaining why it’s so pricey!

Have you seen the vintage photography at I don’t think everything within originally came from the magazine’s archives (I know they’re missing at least one famous photo of ’40s starlet Chili Williams in an early bikini that appeared within their pages), but it is a neat place to explore. I found this fascinating behind-the-scenes pic from Love on a Budget, a 1938 b-picture starring Russell Gleason and … Joyce Compton.

Love On A Budget

Finally, my pal Patrick has compiled some mixes of mellow ’70s/’80s soft rock and is sharing it with the world at large. Among the 45 songs on Soft Rock for Soft Cocks (creative title, no?) is songwriter Carole Bayer Sager‘s “It’s the Falling in Love.” I have a bit of a fixation on that song right now. Michael Jackson’s rendition from Off the Wall is the best known, of course, but the tune was also recorded by Dionne Warwick and Dee Dee Bridgewater. There’s even footage of Marie Osmond performing it on YouTube. Who knew?

One Thought on “Tuesday Miscellany

  1. Thanks for the tip bout Patrick’s mew compilations. Might have to change the title name when I put the Soft Cocks in my hard drive. Wait, that didn’t come out right ;)

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