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Vinyl Toy? Yes, Sir.

Kid Robot Simpsons Smithers

Earlier this week, I went to my fave local indie record store. At the check out register, they had a tempting display of boxed Simpsons figurines made by Kid Robot. Of course, I had to get one; this isn’t the first time I’ve been captivated by collector vinyl toys. Like the Kubrick series, these Simpsons figurines are “blind boxed” and have all the series’ characters pictured on the packaging, alongside your odds of getting them. This particular series has 24 different characters, including three mystery characters (Googling reveals them to be Devil Flanders, Snake and Krusty’s monkey assistant). Most common are the Simpson family not counting Maggie; least common are Funzo and the Channel Ocho Bee. There was a lot of anticipation when I opened my box and found… Smithers! Although these Kid Robot toys aren’t as well-made as the Kubricks or the Todd McFarlane figurines, they are pretty cool with adorable, baby-like proportions. I love how mini Smithers has his own little Malibu Stacy doll. A doll holding a doll … how wonderfully meta.

P.S. A new Two Bunnies & A Duck has been unleashed today.

One Thought on “Vinyl Toy? Yes, Sir.

  1. What a score, Matt! I saw some of these figures about a year ago, but I didn’t realize they had made a Smithers — with a little Malibu Stacy no less. We’re both very jealous that you got your hands on one:)

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