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Artists Only

Today’s video serves as a reminder that, a long time ago, PBS used to show something besides Britcom repeats and Doo Wop concerts. During its 1984-87 run, Alive From Off Center served as a venue for a variety of experimental short films, dance pieces and performance art. This clip is the opening from earlier in the show’s run (setting the edgy yet mainstream, very ’80s tone of the show), and a sequence with photographer William Wegman and a very patient Weimaraner.

3 Thoughts on “Artists Only

  1. Lemur on March 26, 2009 at 7:59 pm said:

    I LOVED “Alive from Off Center”! It made me feel like I was growing up in much less of a rural exurb.

  2. Me too. It made the arts seem very accessible to a sheltered, artsy teen like I was back then.

  3. i loved this show too. this and “declaring the independents” were two of the places you could regularly see experimental film on tv. i think this is where i first discovered the work of jan svankmajer. here or nightflight.

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