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Oscars: 20 for 24

Every year, Christopher and I have our own little Academy Awards predictions contest. Last night’s ceremonies were my own personal best, where I successfully predicted 20 out of 24 winners. The only categories I missed were Foreign Language Film (who saw Japan coming?), Documentary Short (pretty much a crapshoot every year), Sound Mixing (thought The Dark Knight would sweep the sound categories), and Art Direction (went out on a limb and predicted The Duchess). Christopher, who usually beats me at these things, will have to eat humble pie tonight. I voted differently in Kris’ sock monkey contest, where I only got 9 of 12 right.

As for the TV broadcast of the awards: I love the acting nominations being presented by five previous winners. It’s a novel idea that could have been mawkish in execution, but they pulled it off in a heartfelt way. Hugh Jackman was a pretty good host, loved his enthusiasm. But that hyper number with overexposed Beyoncé? Ouch!

2 Thoughts on “Oscars: 20 for 24

  1. Christopher on February 24, 2009 at 10:49 am said:

    Mmmmmm. Humble pie!

  2. i only caught the end of the oscars. it airs here twice. once live and then again with chinese subtitles. unfortunately, the tv channel airing(for most of asia) it opted to edit the second airing removing the words “gay” and “lesbian” from any speech. the station has gotten flack for it, but not nearly enough as far as i’m concerned.

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