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Double Vision

Did you know that Henry Fonda did View-Master commercials? Neither did I until I saw a link to this 1971 ad on the Television Without Pity forums. Watch and wonder a) why GAF picked Fonda as a family-friendly pitchman so soon after he played an evil gunslinger in Once Upon a Time in the West, b) how Jodie Foster was so freakin’ precocious back then, and c) is that Peter Brady?

Another one… apparently in addition to making ViewMaster reels, GAF also produced vinyl flooring. Brady Bunch fans might recognize the actress playing opposite Fonda — she’s the same lady who played flaky “cousin Myrna” in the episode where the Bradys appear in a soap commercial!

4 Thoughts on “Double Vision

  1. They didn’t have the longer version that ends with Fonda putting a harmonica in Peter Brady’s mouth?

  2. now i want to go out and buy some viewmasters! :)

  3. Well those Viewmasters are a lot of fun! Great find, Matt. That one kid sure looks like Peter Brady, but I’m not entirely convinced it’s him. I feel sorry for that first girl — you never really get to see her face. Her parents must have been shattered. Of course Jodie is adorable. Note the slight pause in the delivery of her line. The kid can act.

  4. Wasn’t GAF also in the camera business at one time? I seem to recall Fonda shilling for some type of camera in that time frame.

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