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Eddie My Love

Edward R. Hamilton Haul

I was going to post a blog entry today about how I rarely visit the pop culture blog Pop Candy because the author’s “look at me, I’m hip” photo makes me want to hurl, but this is a much more worthwhile subject. My Edward R. Hamilton, Bookseller order arrived today. ERH has a delightfully low-tech way of selling remaindered books. Yes, they have a comprehensive website, but after all these years they still only accept orders written down on paper and sent through snail mail with a personal check (no credit cards, no money orders, and forget about PayPal, pal). Falls Village, Connecticut must be a nutty kinda town.

It’s been a good four or five years since I’ve ordered from them, so I made sure to make the uniform $3.95 shipping cost count. The haul may become part of a mishmash in the future:

  • The Complete Peanuts: 1963-1964 by Charles M. Schulz ($12.99). Fills in an important gap, since I actually got the 1965-66 volume for Christmas. Yes, it really made me uncomfortable that I had one volume while missing the earlier one, so sue me.
  • Considering Doris Day by Tom Santopietro ($6.95). Although ravaged by customers, this critical overview looks fascinating. Every Day movie, TV appearance and recording gets a thorough appraisal. Potentially toothache-inducing yet marvy!
  • The Lives and Loves of Daisy and Violet Hilton by Dean Jensen ($5.95). The conjoined twins of Freaks and Chained for Life fame get their own sympathetic bio. Another fascinating looking portrait (which got a much better reception on Amazon).
  • Penguin Special: The Story of Allen Lane, the Founder of Penguin Books and the Man Who Changed Publishing Forever by Jeremy Lewis ($4.95). Good companion to the Penguin By Design book.
  • Pirates of the Caribbean: From the Magic Kingdom to the Movies by Jason Surrell ($6.95). Deals comprehensively with creating both the Pirates theme park attraction and the first Johnny Depp movie. Luckily the latter subject, of which I care not a whit, takes up only about a quarter of the pages. The rest is filled with wonderful concept art and rare photos of the Disneyland classic. Surrell’s similar book on the Haunted Mansion (ride and film) is equally nifty.

5 Thoughts on “Eddie My Love

  1. It’s been a while since I’ve ordered from them, so remind me, do the books from Hamilton have remainder marks on them?


  2. Hey Myron – Except for a permanent marker dot on the Doris Day, the books I got in this batch were all in “like new” condition. If they have beaten-up books it will say “shopworn” in the book’s description. Hope that helps!

  3. Dude!

    I gotta thank you for turning me on to the Hamilton Bookseller.
    They had some terrific buys on some military history books! I could not believe the prices!!! (I shopped online and used their instant order form… works like a dream! Print it out and mail it in…) Waiting for my first order to arrive.

    Incidentally, your blog is out of site… I just can’t get over how much stuff you post and share. Top notch, with taste and humor… thanks so much!!!

    Tom Lynch

  4. Thanks, Tom … enjoy the books!

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