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Pressure Point

Ron Rosenbaum: The awfulness of Billy Joel, explained. Snooty but rip-roaring piece from Slate. When I was in the 7th grade, for homeroom class we had to do a survey outlining our favorite music, movies, etc. I listed “My Life” as my favorite song, simply because it was used in the opening of Bosom Buddies and I remember sort of liking it back then. Joel has done a few other okay tunes like “An Innocent Man,” “Uptown Girl” and “Say Goodbye To Hollywood” (although Bette Midler’s cover of the latter far exceeds the original), but he really is the Kraft American Cheese of musicians.

One Thought on “Pressure Point

  1. I will totally own up to liking the Bosom Buddies theme song too.

    BJ came to do an “intimate” concert-thing at Notre Dame like ten years ago. The idea was that he’d sit on stage with his piano and answer questions from people and play snippets of things. I didn’t go, but the front page of the college paper was devoted to it the next day. Apparently some idiot freshman stood up and said that his LIFELONG AMBITION was to play piano with Billy Joel, so could he come up and join the master? And of course BJ said “yes.” I gather it was quite the Lifetime Moment(TM).

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