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Manifesto for 2009

Manga Books

Although I’m not the New Years Resolution type, there are several things in my life that I want to give a kick start this year. To that end, the first thing I’ve done is having my Illustration/Design Portfolio undergo a much-needed redo. This isn’t a simple update — I’ve expanded the width from the previous 2000-era dimensions and completely replaced three quarters of the content. Now it contains only projects that I’ve done in the last five years. In 2008, most of my workload was manga, manga and more manga for Viz. Several cover design examples, some just coming out this month, are included in the portfolio (and, no, I didn’t draw any of the artwork). Back, front and spine — it’s all there.

My next mission is to get a postcard campaign going advertising my services to book publishers. Although I launched a vague postcard campaign in early 2006, it only landed me two small jobs (one of which was canceled when the client flaked out on me). Hopefully with more book publishing experience under my belt, this next one will go much better. Although I totally dig Viz and working with all their beautifully strange manga artwork, I would also love the opportunity to do many other kinds of books. A friend recently sent me a link to The Book Cover Archive — now that’s the kind of stuff I’d eventually like to do. I want to produce work like Chip Kidd’s or Penguin UK’s David Pearson (but for now I’m happy being Mr. Pearson’s Flickr contact).

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